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P&D Rubberized Basecoat Foundation For Longer-lasting Color

P&D Foundation Basecoat For Gel Nail PolishP&D Foundation Basecoat For Gel Nail Polish

  • Prevents nail gel color from chipping or wearing off
  • Rubberized formula grips gel polish to nail surface

Tired of your gel nail polish starting to chip? Let us to introduce to you: P&D Rubberized Basecoat.

It is specially rubberized, advanced formula provides a foundation for longer-lasting color. The formula grips your gel polish to the nail surface for better adhesion and stops your nail gel from wearing off for up to 1month. It’s sticky so that you will not feel like it’s doing nothing like other normal gel polish basecoat.

This strong bond rubberized basecoat can be dried under uv/led nail lamp for 30 seconds. It is totally soaked off by gel nail polish remover.